Imaging Systems

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Imaging Systems

The departments Moving Picture Technologies and Electronic Imaging develop new products and technologies, ready for the market. Our range of activities covers prototypes as well as software solutions. Main areas are new methods of image acquisition, media production, -archiving and procedures for image analysis. The centres of interest are new concepts for workflow and systems covering the entire chain of media production or industrial image processing.

Moving Pictures Technologies

The Department Moving Picture Technologies develops new innovative imaging systems and procedures based on High Dynamic Range (HDR), Lightfield- and 3D capturing methods. Main application area is the motion picture and TV industry, but also other areas will be covered. The algorithms will be used to extend technical and creative opportunities on the set and in the postproduction. To achieve practical use specific components like image processing ASICs, software tools or complete prototypes and devices will be developed.

Well known software developments will be used e.g. for creation, play back and control of Digital Cinema Packages. Actual and future extensions will work for 3D distribution packages, multi-format mastering or archiving of media content. The department is well connected to other organizations and associations and is working in several international standardization organizations.

Electronic Imaging

The development of Point-of-View Cameras is one of the core competences of the department Electronic Imaging. The compact mini cameras are particularly useful for the Stereo-3D-Recording and will be used in TV- and Film production. They provide wireless high quality images and have an integrated DVB-T transmitter directly to the outside broadcast vehicle. Camera platforms, which provide little deceleration-times transferring the images and embedded processing and analyzing steps, will dominate future developments. Polarisation cameras and cameras for special medicinal needs and for safety-related applications complete the general development of cameras.

Solutions for recognizing objects and persons are developed in the field of intelligent systems. Due to the exactness and real-time feature they apply to science, media, industry and medicine.

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