Medical Sensor Technology

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits

FitnessSHIRT: Improving Safety through Telemonitoring

The Fraunhofer IIS FitnessSHIRT features measuring equipment for ECG and respiration recording. Sensors are integrated into the shirt for user friendliness, ease of handling and wearing comfort. With one-channel ECG and chest respiratory motion recording, the FitnessSHIRT delivers measurements for two key vital signs.

FitnessSHIRT: Mit Sicherheit ein guter Einsatz

Use of the FitnessSHIRT can contribute to improved safety for firefighting and rescue teams, who put their health – and frequently their lives – at risk during deployments. Continuous monitoring of cardiac and respiratory functions provides an early warning system in critical situations, enabling colleagues in danger to be rescued in time. The FitnessSHIRT can also be used to measure physical exertion at sports events to provide the public with entertaining information about the athletes’ physical exertion, performance and fitness levels. Trainers can use the data for performance diagnostics and training control. Conductive textile electrodes integrated into the T-shirt are used for ECG recording. A flexible belt in the lower thoracic region is used for resistive measurement of chest respiratory motion. The measured data is transmitted in real time by radio to the control room, where it is analyzed. The data can also be temporarily stored on a memory card and transmitted to a PC for further analysis. The electronics for measurement recording and storage and for radio transmission are enclosed in a separate, detachable housing. The housing is about as large as a smartphone and is fastened to the FitnessSHIRT by snaps for easy removal for washing. The FitnessSHIRT has not yet been certified as a medical device. The Fraunhofer IIS is presenting it with the objective of gaining partners for further development, production and marketing. The FitnessSHIRT is not yet CE certified, as the compliance with requirements of the German Medical Product Law (MPG) and the European Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) has not been proofed yet. It cannot be obtained before the conformity with the MPG and the MDD has been declared (CE mark).

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