Optimized DSP and Microcontroller Implementations

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

For real-time implementations of multimedia codecs and components on embedded processor cores and DSPs, Core Design Kits (CDKs) are available. They are optimized for devices with low resources in terms of memory and computational power, e.g. mobile players or smartphones. The CDKs are written in C or C++ and exist in two different versions. One can be directly compiled for 16-bit or 32-bit processors; the other one is a template code for DSPs with fractional or integer arithmetic logic units.
In basic terms, Core Design Kit software is suitable for any 16- or 32-bit processor platform. Code can be licensed in source code form or as object code libraries for various compiler tool chains: 

  • ARM based processors
  • MIPS based processors
  • Texas Instruments C6x, DaVinci, OMAP
  • Tensilica HiFi Audio DSP
  • Analog Devices Blackfin
  • Others such as PowerPC processors, Freescale StarCore and ColdFire (only source code)

Implementations of the following technologies are available:

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