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Journaline® is a new data application for the DAB and DRM digital radio systems, and provides hierarchically structured textual information. The user can easily and immediately access the topics he is currently interested in.

Hierarchical, categorized text messages

Specifically designed for digital broadcast services

Extremely low bit rate requirements

Import/transformation of existing broadcaster's content sources based on standard formats like XML

Optimized for inexpensive consumer receivers

Very simple decoder resources and display hardware requirements for mobile receivers

Metadata Option for high quality text-to-speech playback

Hotkeys / station keys for quick access to favorite topics

Reception quality tolerant push & store service


The Journaline data service is based on a standard that was internationally accepted by the WorldDMB forum in September 2007 and is available from ETSI as a free download. The data service is currently broadcast as part of DAB/DMB and DRM digital radio transmissions. It is suitable for virtually any broadcast platform due to its low data capacity consumption – a key objective for the system’s development. With Journaline’s hierarchical topic structure, users can browse all received information – both program-related and program-independent textual information – and select their favourite news items.


Decoder implementation available for licensing on Windows PC platforms, Linux PC platforms and Microcontroller platforms.

The Fraunhofer DRM ContentServer and the Fraunhofer DAB ContentServer represent ideal encoder solutions for Journaline enriched DAB and DRM broadcasts

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