Digital Cinema

We develop digital cinema and digital media technologies and systems. Our innovations and products deal with the challenges of the entire film process, from shooting scenes on the set to theater distribution. In the process we provide common interfaces along the entire chain. Through close collaboration with our film and TV industry partners, as well as through our influential work with international industry standards associations, we develop future-oriented solutions that allow our industry and media production customers to ensure their viewers enjoy exceptional pictures and sound.

NAB 2016: New easyDCP features and tools for DCP/IMP creation and playback

At NAB 2016 we are demoing an easyDCP export module for Final Cut Pro X, hybrid JPEG 2000 coding and a new version of easyDCP will complete the range of new developments for professional movie production

Meet us at booth SU 6716 in Las Vegas.

Interoperable Master Format: easyDCP goes IMF

The IMF, which is currently undergoing standardization, is a universal format used for internal data exchange during production and postproduction and for showing movies in theaters. We also offer an enhancement for the IMF in the well-known environment of our easyDCP postproduction software, which means the capability to create, playback and encrypt in this data format.

IMF is a file-based solution for saving high-quality image and sound data, as well as subtitles, in a common format. Referred to as interoperable master package or IMP, this format is suitable for the manufacturer- and equipment-independent exchange of film material. The aim here is to replace tape-based work flows with a file-based solution while simultaneously reducing time and costs. The IMP can also be utilized as a master or source package for creating various distribution formats.IMF is especially designed for exchanging data between different production companies and for optimizing internal data exchange.

easyDCP Postproduction Software

The easyDCP software suite was designed and developed for creating, playing back and encrypting digital cinema packages. This software is meanwhile used by more than 1,000 production and postproduction companies and studios around the world. easyDCP was honored with the 2014 Fraunhofer Award for research excellence.

DCI Test Plan

On behalf of the six major Hollywood studios, experts in the Moving Picture department at Fraunhofer IIS launched the so-called digital cinema initiatives, or DCI. This project  involves the development of the digital cinema technical specifications published in 2007 and which guarantee compatibility between all digital cinema playback systems around the world, provided they meet the standards. In addition, the German Federal Film Board contracted Fraunhofer IIS to adapt the specification for the European market and in particular for the German movie theater landscape.