Audio Communication Engine


The complete solution for high quality communication applications


The Fraunhofer IIS Audio Communication Engine is an integrated solution that delivers all relevant components of an audio communication system, including high quality low-delay audio codecs, robust acoustic echo control and a low delay IP streaming system. It was developed to set a new quality standard in audio transmission over IP networks. The Audio Communication Engine guarantees optimized intelligibility and a realistic communication experience.


CD-like quality:

The Audio Communication Engine includes state-of-the-art MPEG audio codecs for maximum speech and audio quality.


No more echoes:

High-quality, hands-free conferencing even with mobile devices thanks to low-power, low-complexity acoustic echo control including a noise suppression option.



Low-delay IP streaming system ensures best audio quality even under adverse network conditions.


One solution fits all:

The Audio Communication Engine contains all Fraunhofer IIS audio communication technologies for straightforward and time-efficient implementation. It includes the following components, which also are available as stand-alone technologies:

  • Low Delay Audio Codecs
  • Acoustic Echo Control (see Background)
  • Low Delay IP Streaming System (see Background)



Fraunhofer IIS audio communication technologies dramatically improve the overall audio quality of any communication application, including mobile voice over IP services, next generation video and teleconferencing systems, telepresence systems at home as well as broadcasting equipment.


Video- and Teleconferencing

Today's users of video- and teleconference systems expect superb audio quality with no compromises in usability and utility. By employing Fraunhofer's Audio Communication Engine, manufacturers of video- and teleconferencing systems, devices and software can deliver CD-like quality with hands-free, full-duplex ease-of-use. Using stereo or multichannel set-ups, conference participants can be localized, which leads to an even more natural and appealing communication experience.


Broadcasting Equipment

Broadcast studios need to be able to transmit audio from remote locations with low delay and in CD-like quality, often using unpredictable IP network connections. Fraunhofer's Audio Communication Engine allows manufacturers of broadcast equipment to develop robust audio transmission products for their markets quickly and cost-effectively, giving journalists greater flexibility for live, on-site reporting over any available IP network.



The Audio Communication Engine is available for evaluation and licensing. Fraunhofer IIS offers evaluation software for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Anroid and Linux. The components of the Audio Communication Engine are also available as stand-alone technologies.

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Fraunhofer’s individual components of audio communication modules have been integrated in an Audio Communication Engine Software Development Kit (SDK) as a highly optimized all-in-one solution. This optimized solution allows for an efficient setup of a high quality audio communication system and for simple and easy integration into existing applications requiring only little implementation effort.


The Audio Communication Engine SDK includes the following components, which also are available as stand-alone technologies:


Low-Delay Audio Codecs


Acoustic Echo Control

The Acoustic Echo Control module improves audio quality by enabling reliable and consistent prevention of disturbing echoes. It supports the full audio bandwidth, and is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios including mobile communications, video and teleconferencing systems. The Acoustic Echo Control module includes the following features:

  • Robust and reliable removal of acoustic echoes in any acoustic environment
  • Outstanding audio quality during single-talk and double-talk situations
  • Extensive sampling rate support from 8 kHz to 48 kHz
  • Robust adaption to changing acoustic backgrounds and varying echo paths
  • Reliable tracking of echo delays of up to several hundreds of milliseconds
  • Integrated noise reduction and automatic level control to enhance the captured near-end speech signal

Low-Delay IP streaming system

To significantly improve the audio performance of existing networking equipment using its Audio Communication Engine, Fraunhofer IIS has created a new Low-Delay IP Streaming System to enhance connectivity. The system delivers optimized audio quality even under adverse network conditions such as packet loss and jitter. The component’s main features include:

  • Sophisticated error concealment that guarantees good speech intelligibility at up to a 30 percent packet loss rate (understandable speech at up to 50 percent packet loss rate)
  • Adaptive jitter buffer control to optimize the trade-off between buffering-delay and late-loss
  • Log and trace files for remote analysis and debugging


Please note: Starting the videos transfers usage data to youtube.

A technological revolution from Fraunhofer IIS

With the Fraunhofer Audio Communication Engine you can't beam people into your living room, but you can talk to them as if they were really there however far away they might be.

Fraunhofer IIS at Mobile World Congress 2010

Fraunhofer Audio Communication Engine for world's first CD quality mobile phone calls over a LTE-A network at Mobile World Congress 2010.


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