Profile Imaging Systems

New developments and new international standards and the integration and realization in professional systems as well as research projects for future digital media production are focussed by the departments moving picture technologies and electronic imaging. We provide along the media workflow with camera technology, image processing methods, computational imaging, digital cinema, post-production and image analysis future-oriented solutions and developments.

Moving Picture Technologies

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The Department Moving Picture Technologies develops new imaging systems and procedures based on High Dynamic Range (HDR), high frame rates (HFR), lightfield and mulitcamera capturing methods. Main application areas are the motion picture and TV industry, but also other areas like automotive or medical systems will be covered. The algorithms will be used to extend technical and creative opportunities on the set and in postproduction. To achieve practical use specific components like image processing ASICs, software tools or complete prototypes and devices will be developed.

Well known and established software developments like easyDCP are in use for creation, playback and encryption of Digital Cinema Packages DCPs and also for upcoming new formats like the IMF Interoperable Master Format. The department is well connected to other organizations and associations and is working in several international standardization organizations.

Electronic Imaging

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The development of point-of-view cameras is one of the core activities of the Electronic Imaging department. These compact miniature cameras, which are especially suitable for stereo 3D recordings, are used in television and movie production. A built-in DVB-T transmitter delivers high-resolution images via wireless transmission direct to the broadcast van.

Camera platforms that feature minimal transmission delay times and embedded processing and analysis steps will dominate future developments in this field. Polarization cameras and special cameras for medical and security applications will also be an important part of the portfolio.

In the area of Intelligent Systems, researchers are developing solutions designed for object and person recognition. These precise, real-time capable technologies have broad utility in scientific, media, industrial and medical applications.

Fraunhofer Alliance Digital Media

The cooperation of Fraunhofer-Institutes within the Alliance Digital Media provides innovative solutions and products for the digital age of motion picture. We provide technological innovations for the whole Digital Cinema workflow, for 3D viewing and sound experience, for multi-platform distribution. Benefit from our expertise in research and development as well as in standardization. n the Fraunhofer Alliance Digital Media four institutes are working together to develop key components for a complete digital cinema workflow and for multi-format and multi-platform content creation and distribution. The institutes offer research and development in the areas of production (camera and storage), audio systems, data compression, post processing, transmission, projection, distribution and digital archiving. As an one-stop competence center for digital cinema we provide for our customers scientific know-how and the development of solutions that can be integrated in workflows and optimize process steps. Coordinator and Spokesman: Fraunhofer IIS; Member institutes: Fraunhofer HHI, IDMT, FOKUS