ASIC and IC Design

Fraunhofer IIS is your contact for energy-efficient ASICs, e.g. capable to measure control or communicate, as well as for IC designs in the fields of RF and microwave.


Electronic Design Automation

Technical systems with microelectronic components are becoming ever more complex. What’s more, the fact that these many different components are packed into the smallest possible spaces is progressively giving rise to undesirable physical effects that increasingly pose enormous challenges to designers. This level of complexity can only be mastered if these developments are taken into account during the earliest possible design phases.


Integrated Sensor Systems

Today’s and tomorow’s world needs intelligent sensor systems with signal processing, self-diagnosis resp. supervision and digital system interface. Fraunhofer IIS focuses on the design of CMOS-compatible sensor systems with integrated signal processing.


Multi-Project-Wafer- and Small Volume Logistics

The virtual foundry offers MPW services with various manufacturers enabling low volume ASIC production.