Digital Broadcasting

Digital Broadcasting

Digital broadcasting is highly versatile. It offers listeners the benefits of crystal-clear sound and reception with no interference or noise. With the addition of multimedia functionality, digital radio has become a visual as well as an acoustic medium. Excellent coverage makes digital broadcasting the preferred choice for a large number of applications and services. Thus, radio remains one of the most mobile media of our time.

Our scientists have been involved in digital broadcasting from the beginning and are knowledgeable about all stages of the transmission chain, from transmitter to receiver. Our expertise makes us your ideal partner with a wide range of solutions for both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting.

Digital radio receivers

Our fully validated receiver kits for DAB and DRM allow terminal manufacturers in the automotive and consumer market to efficiently and easily enhance their radio platforms. The DVB-SH solution developed by Fraunhofer IIS enables high-quality mobile entertainment.


DAB Receiver Kit

Software for implementation of DAB/DAB+/T-DMB radio receivers


DRM Receiver Kit

Software for implementation of DRM radio receivers



For mobile entertainment

Test and monitoring equipment

Fraunhofer IIS offers professional DRM receivers and signal generators for broadcasters, network providers, regulatory bodies, and radio manufacturers.


DRM+ Monitoring Receiver DT4120

Professional monitoring receiver for DRM-Mode E (DRM+)


DRM+ Test Equipment DT4030

Professional signal generator for the DRM+ system (DRM-Mode E)


DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700

High performance DRM receiver for transmitter and spectrum monitoring


DRM Test Equipment DT230

DRM signal generator for channel simulation, receiver analysis, real-time modulation

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