Smart Grids | Global Energy Management

The transition to renewable forms of energy poses numerous challenges. One of these concerns how to make best use of renewable electricity, which is fed into the local grid from dispersed sources and is subject to weather-related fluctuations. A decisive factor for ensuring stable, cost-effective, and resource-efficient energy supply in the future is the way energy producers, users, and storage facilities interact in smart grids. These intelligent networks support grid stability and can send scarcity or surplus signals to consumers and even decentralized producers in the form of variable electricity prices or direct control signals. In addition, topics such as data protection and security will play a major role in smart grid scenarios.

We are your capable partner for the planning, implementation, and development of communication solutions for the energy grid of the future.

Alongside the development of energy-efficient and networked embedded systems as an enabling technology, our activities range from the development of a wide variety of components for controlling energy producers, storage facilities, distribution systems, and consumers to the planning and implementation of energy management systems and applications.

Our portfolio:

  • Information and communication solutions using embedded systems for future power grids
  • System design and technologies for the intelligent management of energy flows in the smart grid
  • Injection and consumption management (renewables)
  • Supply structure monitoring (power grids)
  • Smart metering, smart demand, e-mobility
  • Support for new control concepts and grid protection methods