We make the energy world a little bit smarter


The Energy Management business field gathers many years of experience and expertise at Fraunhofer IIS. Energy management facilitates energy distribution in the smart grid, efficient energy use in buildings and facilities, intelligent energy storage in batteries, and energy harvesting. By providing suitable information and communication technology for this purpose, we help societies make the transition to renewable forms of energy and contribute toward innovative applications with energy self-sufficient solutions.

Our Performances


Local Energy Management

Big improvements in efficiency and optimizations in energy usage can be achieved by implementing suitable measures in buildings and industrial installations and in manufacturing processes. To facilitate the achievement of these goals, we simulate and devise new system architectures and develop communication and control methods based on embedded systems.

Energy Self-Sufficiency

In the field of energy self-sufficiency, we offer technologies and systems for monitoring, converting, and storing energy for various consumers and applications (e.g. battery management, energy harvesting).

Energie Campus Nürnberg - EnCN

EnCN is an interdisciplinary platform for energy research in Bavaria that pools existing academic and applied research expertise in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Our Core Competencies

Our broad-based expertise means that we are quick to understand customers’ problems. With our interdisciplinary know-how and systems expertise, we offer customers the optimum solution whatever their needs.

Information and communication technology – Systems and components for energy flow management

  • Secure and reliable cyber-physical systems
  • Information and communication technology for energy systems
  • Energy management gateways
  • Signal recording and algorithms for condition monitoring

System and circuit design for battery and power management

  • Use of solar, inductive, thermo- and piezoelectric energy converters
  • Condition monitoring, diagnostics, and operation technology for electrical energy storage devices
  • Current, voltage, and temperature measurement
  • IC design for voltage converters

Complete system solution for wireless sensor networks

  • Circuit and antenna design
  • Individual protocol stacks
  • Application software, user interfaces, and gateways

Energy management strategies for buildings and production

  • Energy-efficiency consulting and evaluation of usage and load scenarios
  • Simulation-based optimization of energy consumption
  • Development of energy-efficient control and regulation strategies
  • Algorithms for energy management systems (e.g. smart, adaptive operations management strategies)
  • Real-time optimization for energy management and advanced process control methods (e.g. model predictive control)