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OGEMA - The Edge Computing Platform for your System

Smart Framework for Industry 4.0 and Energy Management Systems

OGEMA enables the realization of different communication standards within commercial, private and public buildings as well as industrial processes in one system. OGEMA is an Edge Computing platform that moves some of the intelligence. This allows you to decide which data is transferred by using OGEMA apps. It also serves as an interface to systems or to the control unit (PLC). Individual usage rights can be granted through our own security concept.

Modular Kit Structure of OGEMA 2.0

Each manufacturer has its own devices with different communication interfaces and protocols. For each usage scenario the user needs separate devices and applications as well as software tools, which are usually not compatible.

Fraunhofer IIS has developed an »adapter« for these devices and components. The flexible and secure open source framework for energy management systems OGEMA is based on Java/OSGI and supports many popular communication interfaces and protocols. The dynamic channel manager enables interaction between various low-level communication interfaces and high-level device drivers. A uniform resource concept provides access and control of the energy supply, such as generators, storage systems and consumers.

Edge Computing with OGEMA

Security Concept with Different Usage Rights

Data Security
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Security Concept with Different Usage Rights

With its three-level security concept, OGEMA is equipped for the future, particularly in view of the constantly growing regulatory security requirements in the field of energy management and Industrie 4.0. For applications in single-family houses, the lowest security level offers the solutions that are most flexible and easiest to operate. The middle security level is used for multi-user applications such as those in multi-unit residential dwellings. And finally, the highest security level offers a standard of security equivalent to the German Federal Office for Information Security’s (BSI’s) protection profile for smart meters.

In order to get industry involved at an early stage, an industry working group was founded in 2012. Working group participants receive first-hand information about the progress of the project and find out how they can develop apps for the software platform.

Flexible App Concept for Mobile Devices

OGEMA is based on a manufacturer-independent app concept. The open-source software framework is being developed together with companies from different sectors of the smart grid industry. Fraunhofer IIS is responsible for the interface between the framework and the hardware platform as well as for the security concept. The primary research topics are the selection and adaptation of the operating system, the optimization of power management, and the integration of communication interfaces and of the security mechanisms required for energy management. A further goal is to ensure that the framework runs reliably on embedded systems with limited resources.

OGEMA for Individual Production

Comprehensive Communication for Individual Production with OGEMA
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Comprehensive Communication for Individual Production with OGEMA

By integrating various communication protocols and the Internet, your end-users can realize their product presentations via a configurator. These information is passed directly to the processing machines thanks to OGEMA. According to your requirements and wishes, we can develop individual applications for machine control in conjunction with the integrated software PLC. An additional manual input and processing by agents is no longer necessary.

More information about individual production with OGEMA

OGEMA for Edge Computing

OGEMA Edge Computing
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The flexible and secure framework from Fraunhofer IIS for reliable Edge Computing.

In order to manage the multitude of different interfaces, integrate different island solutions as well as new application programs, and to consider account IT security in systems integration and upgrading to Industry 4.0 capability, OGEMA provides a flexible and secure framework for Edge Computing which can also be easily installed in a cloud.

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OGEMA for Smart Building

Energy Management smart and flexible control in buildings with OGEMA

The control and monitoring of buildings with the help of mobile devices reflects on latest trends. The offer of Fraunhofer IIS is: OGEMA – a framework which integrates different systems, components and applications for energy and building automation and management. It enables the implementation of individual and needs-based solutions and applications, especially for local energy management. Typical applications include public buildings such as schools and hospitals, businesses and private households. Photovoltaic systems or combined heat and power plants can also be included in the OGEMA System as well as household appliances and lightings systems. The framework is designed for modularity and therefore allows customized extensions and adaptions.

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OGEMA for Smart Industry

Energy for Industrie 4.0
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Smart Industry will be more efficient with OGEMA 2.0

OGEMA can be used to implement various function and processes in the context of Smart Industry. The energy consumption of individual plants and machines can easily be detected, displayed, and optimized. The framework allows the accounting for factual unit cost or individual process steps. By that, the utilization of self-produced electricity is more efficient and accountable. OGEMA also serves as an interface to industrial plants or to control units (e.g. SPC). Standalone OGEMA apps are easy to implement and provide the basis for programming. Thus, an app can serve as an interface to the cloud or to other local and global components. With OGEMA an individual production is facilitated with a lot size of one. As energy management in industry is becoming increasingly important, one of the priorities of OGEMA lies in the optimization of the energy flow of individual panels and the sustainable and economic use of self-produced energy for the production process.

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Smart Living

OGEMA 2.0 Energy Management System
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Control your own home comfortable, smart and mobile with OGEMA 2.0

For energy management in Smart Living the room temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide rate can be measured and displayed on mobile devices. An optimization for a healthy indoor climate is automatically done or by personal recommendations, local and remote.

In addition, the system can generate warnings or alerts based on sensor information in various hazards such as smoke or flooding. The interaction of apps and devices helps you to save energy costs and increase the living comfort. In addition to the energy management purposes other applications like Ambient Assisted Living is feasible.

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Making of OGEMA 2.0

In the »OGEMA 2.0« project, the Fraunhofer Institutes for Integrated Circuits IIS, for Solar Energy Systems ISE, and for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES are working together with industrial partners on an open energy management gateway as an interface between smart buildings and the smart grid. With an OGEMA 2.0-based energy management system, it is possible to control energy producers, storage facilities, and consumers very deliberately. Taking small-scale producers as an example, effective use can be made of the energy produced in single- and multi-family dwellings – surplus energy can be stored and used at a later time. In addition to basic management functions, the system is capable of functioning as a gateway to the outside world, allowing communication with other participants in the smart grid of the future. Consequently, OGEMA 2.0 systems can be integrated into a virtual power plant or contribute to supply stability by means of communication with the grid operator.


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OGEMA 2.0 is an Open Source Framework

The source code of the framework and a preconfigured demo kit are available via the hosting service Github at github.com/ogema

We would be pleased to adapt OGEMA to your desires and requirements. OGEMA licenses can be purchased for commercial use.

As an independent research institute, we help to find the best solution for your problems and demands. With existing equipment, components and technologies we develop new and perfectly fitting solutions for your applications. Together with industry partners, we investigate the optimal and application-oriented solution.