VERISM - Wireless Transmission of Reading and Status

Meter Reading with Sensor Networks – Wireless and Economically

During every single counter needs a GSM-modul to read out electronic household meter so far, every meter can be equipped henceforth with a sensor node by the VERISM-Solution of the Veraut GmbH.

These transmit the data wirelessly via Multi-Hop communication to a master node, which again forwards all collected data via power line communication or GSM/GPRS to a central server. Also control commands can be sent to every single reader from the back office.


Adaptable Hard- and Software

Software basis of these smart systems is a power saving protocol, the so-called »Slotted MAC« of the Fraunhofer IIS. The Fraunhofer scientists also optimized the hardware: The sensor node is small in dimension, extremely power efficient and can be adapted to custom-tailored sensor network solutions.

The main features of our combined hardware and software kit are:

  • small sensor node platforms and hardware designs
  • extremely power efficient protocol for bidirectional multi-hop communication
  • self organizing network
  • optimized data transfer over the network

This innovative technology was licensed by the Austrian company VERAUT in order to develop their VERSIM product portfolio. The Linz-based company manufactures data loggers and communication equipment for gas, water and heat meter. VERAUT utilizes the Fraunhofer technology in pilot projects for OÖ Ferngas, Linz AG and Wien Energie GmbH.


Features of the VERISM Solution

The battery-powered VERISM – RF module is a wireless, cost efficient Meter Reading solution for reading the meters of household customers via license free 868 MHz RF mesh-network technology, transmitting data via radio frequency (868MHz) to a master node from where it is centralized transmitted via PLC or GSM to the back office.

The main features are:

  • VERISM RF modules can be used as stand alone Repeater/Router (battery-powered) whenever point2point connections are not available
  • each VERISM module (e.g. integrated in meter) works as a routing point, therefore almost each and every meter is readable remotely (nearly 100% coverage)
  • with Fraunhofer IIS licensed »Slotted MAC« power saving protocol, the battery-lifetime can be extended up to 12 years within a mesh-network under normal conditions
  • solution allows also for bidirectional communication – so instructions or commands can be transmitted to the meters via the radio nodes


Service That Meets Your Requirements

The innovative for wireless sensor networks of the Fraunhofer IIS is a basis to custom-tailored sensor network solutions for wireless data collection, monitoring, positioning and control.

We will work with you from conception to product launch, utilizing our expertise in radio-frequency circuit design, protocols, and system design for wireless and self-organizing sensor networks.