Power Monitoring

Power Monitoring

Continuous Energy Monitoring Supports Load Management and Condition Monitoring

Our power monitoring system provides manufacturers with a system’s energy consumption data during the production process, enabling them to optimize energy logistics. It also facilitates reductions in the load threshold and the energy purchase price.

Goals of energy monitoring:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Analysis and optimization of production machinery
  • Comparison between similar types of production machinery
  • Costing
  • Controlling
  • Optimized energy purchasing

Our Offer in Power Monitoring

For Fraunhofer IIS, energy monitoring is a means of further developing condition monitoring for industrial applications. In the future, algorithms will be able to identify characteristics that point to impending defects and malfunctions from the recorded current and voltage data. Downstream evaluation based on these criteria will alert operators to potential problems in the manufacturing process. The goal is to use this information to carry out maintenance work on machinery based on its actual condition instead of blindly following a rigid schedule; this will minimize unscheduled stoppages, machine repair times, and production rejects.