EnsiroEMMA - Detection of Air Pollutants in Smart City and Industry 4.0

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Especially in city centers, the recording of air quality parameters is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the concentration of fine dust and ozone, nitrogen oxides also play a decisive role. In order to obtain a meaningful database, the air pollutants have to be recorded comprehensively. A compact and cost-effective measuring system is essential for this. Our measuring station EnsiroEMMA has a compact design and relies on electro-chemical sensors. Thus, a determination of the air quality in outdoor areas according to the 39th Federal Immission Control Ordinance, can be realized.

Measurements can be taken several times an hour with EnsiroEMMA. With this extensive database, precise statistics can be created and evaluations can be made. An automatically scaling measuring range ensures maximum accuracy of the measured values ​​at very low and very high gas concentrations. In contrast to large stationary measuring stations, the entire system can be dismantled from one location and rebuilt elsewhere.

The data obtained are optimized by using specially developed heuristics. A regulated air flow, in conjunction with integrated temperature control, ensures that the electro-chemical sensors deliver reliable measurement results even in changing weather conditions. The system can be set up flexibly thanks to a wireless Internet connection if a mains voltage connection is available. An IoT cloud solution enables the user to retrieve the measured values ​​online as well as perform graphical and analytical evaluations.

In the industrial environment, too, the continuous collection of environmental parameters is becoming increasingly important in order to achieve the best possible product quality through optimal storage of raw materials and production conditions, and to demonstrate compliance with health regulations. In addition to the concentration of fine dust, gases such as methane, CO2, SO play a crucial role. Our measuring system EnsiroEMMA can be equipped with various electro-chemical sensors.

Highlights of EnsiroEMMA#

Compact dimensions

Quick installable

Precise measurements in any weather

Use of electrochemical sensors

Automatically scaling measuring range for maximum accuracy at both low and high gas concentrations

Temperature regulation of the sensors for an optimal measuring environment, even with changing environmental parameters

Regulated air flow for optimum measurement results

Specific visualization of collected data

Customer Benefits#

Cost-effective complete package

Fast availability and adaptability

Provision of a prototype system prepared for series production (basic version)

Support in the further development

Opportunity to cooperate for research projects

Application Scenarios in the Smart City#

Transparent Recording of Air Pollutants

The EnsiroEMMA system makes it possible to establish a fine-meshed air pollutant sensor network to supplement existing measuring stations. In the future, measured values ​​can be collected at inner city traffic nodes as well as in the surrounding area. By linking systems to an open data platform, the environmental data can be viewed at any time in order to improve transparency in the public.

Sustainable Construction and Traffic Planning

Large-scale and permanent monitoring of city air pollution allows the planning of new construction measures and traffic management to be viewed from a sustainable perspective. Changes in air quality can be quantified. Based on this, city planners, building authorities and environmental authorities can carry out specific measures, such as the integration of green spaces at key points for CO2 compensation.

Air Quality Measurement in Bathing and Health Resorts

In spa and health areas, air quality is of particular importance. It contributes significantly to supporting the success of the threatment. By using EnsiroEMMA systems, it is not only possible to document the air quality for a seal awarded every few years, but also to continuously publish the relevant air parameters. This measure increases confidence in the quality of the German health service and increases the reputation of the operators.

Monitoring of Environmental Conditions of Cultural Assets

In order to conserve cultural assets, such as rare works of art, over long periods of time, it is important that environmental conditions adhere to certain values. Temperature and humidity as well as the composition of the gas must be within specified parameters to avoid damage. Our EnsiroEMMA system allows for permanent monitoring of these values ​​and reports deviations so that measures to adapt the air variables can be implemented quickly.

Monitoring of Seagoing Vessels

Seagoing vessels often travel close to the coast and, due to their fuel, pollute the air quality in port cities and coastal regions heavily with sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) as well as soot and particulate matter. Our EnsiroEMMA system can be mounted on ships to monitor ambient air pollution directly at the source, allowing operators of transport and passenger ships to transparently deliver environmental information about their fleets.

Ships for Sensitive Environmental Monitoring

As ships travel most of the time and travel around coastal areas, they are ideal for use as mobile environmental monitoring stations. EnsiroEMMA systems can use the variable position to monitor large areas of inland waterways and offshore routes for their environmental impact over an extended period of time. In the medium term, the provision of multiple measuring points provides insights into the burden of previously barely monitored space.

Monitoring of Greenhouses and Vertical Farming

In the future, vertical farming will become increasingly important. This is the placement of stacked segments with variable plants in a small space. This saves space, time and money. However, optimal growth can only be achieved if all the necessary environmental parameters comply with certain limit values. For this purpose, our EnsiroEMMA system detects air humidity, temperature and CO2 and O2 content in the air.

Monitoring of Air Pollution in Print Factories

In large print factories, large volumes of fine dust are produced during printing. This burdens the health of the employees and can reduce the life expectancy of the machines as well as affect the printed image by deposits. The ozone created during the laser printing process is a burden especially for employees with respiratory diseases and can lead to migraines and headaches. With EnsiroEMMA, both the fine dust concentration in the air and the ozone load can be recorded.

Monitoring of Food Products

When storing and transporting sensitive foods, it's important to put the right concentration of gases in the air to slow down bacterial growth, so that, for example, fruits and vegetables arrive fresh and tasty in the store. EnsiroEMMA makes it possible to reliably control protective atmospheres with regard to their quality and supports companies with the recorded measurement data to monitor novel packaging variations for their suitability with regard to food preservation.