5G Positioning for Prevention of Container Fraud

The transport of products is handled to a large extent with containers, being often multimodal, i.e. using different means of transport such as trucks, freight trains, airplanes or container ships. The freight is reloaded at large transshipment points and sometimes passes through several countries on its way. There is always the risk that goods are stolen or get lost during loading at transshipment points and that their route can no longer be traced. Containers with the ordered freight are rerouted or incorrectly reloaded at airports, railway stations or container ports, so they do not reach their destination and a high economic loss is incurred. 5G, with its planned positioning features, can be used to determine the location of containers. Continuous positioning can be used to prevent containers from being loaded into a means of transport other than the intended one. Its roaming properties also allow cargo to be tracked worldwide, allowing seamless monitoring. The availability of the position data in almost real time means that information about the theft can be provided immediately so that direct action can be taken if necessary.