Positioning and Navigation Systems for Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and Forestry Industry

In today's modern agriculture industry, more efficient and higher crop yields are possible only with the help of highly-precise positioning and navigation systems. These solutions often rely on the fusion of different sensors instead of just a single technology. With positioning technologies that are accurate down to the centimeter, Fraunhofer IIS is helping the agriculture industry develop precise farming and cultivation methods.

Apart from precise machine control, our technologies can also be used to track persons such as forest visitors. Reliable positioning and navigation systems can furthermore help protect forest lands. When cyclists stray from marked forest paths for instance, this can lead to conflicts with hikers or forestry workers, not to mention potential degradation of the forest floor. Positioning and navigation systems can play a role here in ensuring that marked forest routes are adhered to.

Fraunhofer IIS project for the city of Innsbruck, Austria wins alpine conservation award (ALPINEN SCHUTZWALDPREIS)(german).