Positioning & Navigation Solutions for Logistics Applications

In this area, the industrial applications range from forklift tracking for precise and automated tracking of goods and pallets, to the positioning of mobile operating terminals in manufacturing environments.
In the logistics industry, spoilage, delays or loss of goods create inefficiencies and lead to higher costs. Offsetting these issues requires amassing all of the information needed to monitor and control the logistics flows in real-time. The gaps between the physical and information worlds can be filled by deploying active intelligent objects and a combination of wireless technologies. In addition, timely parts replacement is a vital factor that contributes to production efficiency since machinery and vehicles have to be maintained and available around-the-clock.


AoA – Angle of Arrival 

Inductive Positioning 

INS – Inertial Navigation System 

RSSI – Received Signal Strength Indication 

GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System 

Wireless Sensor Networks

Model Projects

Aletheia – Transparent delivery chains 

Asset Tracking  

AUTLOG – RTLS (real-time locating system)  

BlackFIR® 2.4 Development Kit  

Confidence – Ambient Assisted Living 


LOKii Position Plattform 

Olog-Pat – Improvement of processes 

ORAT – Tracking in automation 

RELAG – Forklift tracking 


SmartSensors D – Seamless location 


VitOL – Networked Intelligent Objects  

WILOK – RTLS (real-time locating system)  

WiSmIt – Wireless Smart Item (BlackFIR®)