Trade Fairs

Positioning & Navigation Solutions for Trade Fairs

Visitors to trade fairs often struggle to keep an overview. Whether at open-air sites or in trade fair halls, Fraunhofer IIS’s positioning technologies are on hand to provide guidance accurate to within a few meters.



Trade fairs present a particularly challenging environment for localization technology. Large, open-plan halls, booth designs that change from one fair to the next and the crowds of people all contribute to a highly dynamic environment for signal processing. What is more, solutions must take into account the fact that visitors will be using many different devices, which can vary radically in their measurement characteristics. This prompted our decision to develop special positioning algorithms for trade fairs.



We have many years of expertise developing localization solutions for trade fairs. Back in 2004 at embedded world, Fraunhofer IIS’s “Indoor navigation trade fair guide” received the “Embedded Award” for particularly innovative software products and services.

Further guidance systems incorporating Fraunhofer IIS localization solutions have been employed at numerous events, including embedded world (2004, 2005), CeBIT (2005), MEDICA (2004), the German Logistics Congress (2004) and the Frankfurter Messe (2008, 2009). Solutions were also developed to locate employees at trade fair booths.



The trade fair localization algorithm can of course also be applied to similar environments such as airports, train stations and shopping malls – in other words, any similarly “open” environment.