Public Transportation

Positioning & Navigation Solutions for Public Transportation

With the Internet now everywhere, there are significant changes ahead for the way we make use of public transportation (over both short and long distances). The challenge for mobile applications that bring together information, navigation and ticketing functions lies in integrating different modes of transport (intermodal routing) as well as ensuring a seamless service wherever the user happens to be. Only by taking into account all the available modes of transportation and by combining them in the best possible way will it be possible to ensure that journeys are efficient, safe, flexible and kind to the environment.

In contrast to standard methods, Fraunhofer IIS’s positioning technologies stand out for their reliable operation both indoors and out – making them ideal for these sorts of mobile applications. Users are guided quickly and conveniently through various modes of transportation as well as through train and subway stations, and they can easily locate their stop, platform or even the correct seat in the appropriate car.