Ambient Assisted Living (AAL): Confidence


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

The Confidence project is concerned with the unobtrusive use of information technology to enable the elderly to remain independent for as long as possible. In order to create adaptable assistance systems for ambient assisted living (AAL) applications, innovative approaches to usability engineering and positioning are being explored with a view to use at home and in assisted living facilities. In this way, the project addresses an important issue facing the health care and welfare systems of the industrialized world: With life expectancy continuing to rise, what can be done to enable seniors to live independent lives in their own homes while at the same time ensuring their safety in a medical emergency? While numerous AAL systems have been developed, none to date has enjoyed widespread popularity among the intended user community. The principal reasons for this are user interfaces which are too complicated to use for the elderly and technical infrastructure that is impractical to maintain or overly conspicuous. Confidence is different in that it is committed to combining technologies that are easy to use for seniors, simple to install in existing homes, power-efficient and thus low-maintenance. Another distinctive characteristic of Confidence is its approach to data management, which leaves it up to the user to decide whether or not to pass on personal data unless a major emergency occurs.
The project aims to deliver solutions that will bring the following benefits to seniors living in their own homes:

  • Improved safety through the provision of location-based information
  • early detection of significant deterioration in the user’s state of health through long-term movement monitoring