INNOVAGE – Healthy through Physical Activity

Wireless Sensor Networks Support Scientists in Developing Effective Mobility Programmes

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Our aging society requires innovations that seek for preservation and improvement of healthiness and quality of life. Development and implementation of such innovations challenge politics as well as scientific research.

INNOVAGE is a funding project of the European Union which was originated and carried out by Prof. Klaus Hauer (AGAPLESION Bethanien Hospital Heidelberg) and Prof. Hans-Werner Wahl (Psychological Institute, University of Heidelberg). The project comprises a holistic approach for improving physical activity of nursing home residents. Increased physical activity ensures two fundamental targets of INNOVAGE: Minimizing the risk of deteriorating cognitive abilities as well as strengthen social participation.

Identifying innovation potentials or rather effectively taking measures relies on valid data and research results. This is where the s-net® technology of Fraunhofer IIS takes place. Within a complete mobility detection system – applying small wireless sensor nodes – the so called Life Space (see figure above) is captured and can be analyzed in detail. Taking into account valuable insights acquired the INNOVAGE team was able to build up the desired holistic concept, thereby also forcing the expansion of one's individual Life Space. As Prof. Hauer remarked, the smooth setup and implementation of the s-net® infrastructure facilitated the application significantly.