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Fraunhofer IIS's self-contained Positioning Technology for Cities and Buildings

awiloc® Offer

At a Glance

We offer solutions targeted at localization in wireless networks. These solutions form the basis for location- and context-specific systems and are already in use in numerous applications.

In line with your requirements or the specifications drawn up, we also develop tailored localization solutions in addition to solutions for context- and location-specific services or applications.

Below you will find an overview of our products and services. We look forward to making your innovative idea a reality.


Licensing for awiloc® Positioning Software

A flexible licensing model gives you access to awiloc® positioning technology and allows you to integrate it into your own products. The positioning system can be adapted to a variety of customer-specific needs with regard to accuracy, time response and the area of application.


Obtaining Reference Data & Calibration Tools

Our customers have the option of collecting their own reference data and offering new services, and are provided with all the necessary tools, including calibration boxes, training tools and processing software. Reference data for use in WLAN localization is already available for selected city centers. You can obtain a license to make use of this reference database via the awiloc® alliance partners.


Development of Environment Models

Modeling environments (e.g. city districts, buildings, floors, rooms) in 3D allows for a range of applications, including position visualization, routing, location of logical positions (e.g. room numbers), surveillance or even the storage of geographical data. We provide tools to create, import and visualize models as well as specially adapted localization algorithms.


Evaluation Kits

Our evaluation kits allow you to test out the localization possibilities in your target environment and to integrate a prototype version into your systems.


awiloc® Test Environment and Alliance

There are test environments available in several German cities for those developing and testing innovative services and applications based on Fraunhofer IIS’s positioning technology, including in Nuremburg. These model test environments cover entire city centers, including shopping malls, residential areas, and access points to local and long-distance transportation as well as industrial estates and office buildings.


Consultation, Measurements and System Concepts

We offer you support in developing or introducing localization and navigation solutions in wireless networks, including simulations and measurements in the target environment. We also sit down with you to develop system concepts for prospective products.


Seminars and Workshops

We offer seminars and workshops focusing on localization as a topic and on the technologies it employs. These are a chance for you to discuss the latest trends with our developers and research scientists.