RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indication

Fraunhofer IIS's self-contained Positioning Technology for Cities and Buildings

awiloc® Offer

Software Licensing

A flexible licensing model gives you access to awiloc® wireless positioning technology and allows you to integrate it into your own products.

We offer licenses for modular software components that cover the entire spectrum of activities. Software is compiled individually according to the customer, platform and application. In addition to a variety of data transfer interfaces for control and the relay of positions, there are also tools available to generate 3D environment models as well as calibration programs.  

If you would like more information about the licensing models, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you.

The following software tools are available:

  • awiloc®-MobileLocator
    Positioning software for mobile devices
  • awiloc®-PointTrainer, awiloc®-PathTrainer
    Training tools for recording reference points on the mobile device
  • awiloc®-PathRecorder, awiloc®-BoxRecorder
    Tools for recording measurements used to generate server-based reference points
  • awiloc®-ReferencePointGenerator
    Used to generate reference points on the basis of previously recorded measurements
  • awiloc®-ReferencePointIntegrator
    Used to integrate numerous measurements into a single reference area
  • awiloc®-PositionServer
    Central administration of positions of mobile devices
  • awiloc®-ModelBuilder
    Used to put together 2D and 3D environment models from bitmap and CAD files
  • awiloc®-ModelServer
    For the central administration of environment models
  • awiloc®-ModelIntegrator
    Used to automatically verify additions and changes to models