RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indication

Fraunhofer IIS's self-contained Positioning Technology for Cities and Buildings

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There are many business sectors in which real-time indoor and outdoor positioning information helps to optimize processes.

Thanks to a variety of algorithms and definable parameters our solution can be adapted to various settings. On your demand we tailor our software to your requirements.


Possible Applications

Position information facilitates multiple place or context dependent applications in various environments:

  • Navigation and guidance systems for staff, guests or patients, e.g. in airports, train stations, hospitals, industrial plants, fairgrounds or harbours
  • Information and advertising systems, e.g. for intelligent conference rooms, location based advertising in shopping centers and tourist information on current attractions

The transmission of position data to a server allows applications which require centralized information on the location of mobile systems.

  • Tracking of mobile devices, e.g. of measuring devices in R & D departments
  • Staff localisation, e.g. of security guards
  • Systems for operational planning, e.g. in facility management
  • Emergency recognition

Come and ask us how we can put your ideas into practice with Fraunhofer IIS’s positioning software, which has already proven its capability and flexibility in a wide range of projects. For sample applications, including those developed in collaboration with our project partners from the awiloc® alliance, please click »here«.