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Fraunhofer IIS's self-contained Positioning Technology for Cities and Buildings

awiloc® Museums

3D Positioning for Museums

Rather than have to work their way through printed guides, today’s museum visitors have the option of accessing multimedia content about exhibits. What’s the story behind this sculpture? What would life have been like for city-dwellers in times past? Museums and application developers are increasingly turning to awiloc®, a Wireless LAN-based 3D positioning technology, to bring art, history and technology to life for the benefit of  museum-goers.


What awiloc® positioning adds to multimedia guide

Multimedia guides equipped with awiloc® positioning technology make for a whole new museum experience: Using intuitive, pocket-size devices, visitors can retrieve any desired content as directly and simply as if they were being shown around individually by a human guide. awiloc® does away with the need to search for relevant information. It enables mobile devices such as smartphones to automatically determine which exhibit is closest to a particular visitor. This gives visitors the opportunity to take in the exhibition at their leisure and with undivided attention.


Easy to install and integrate

awiloc® is a purely software-based solution that can be easily integrated into mobile museum guide systems to add 3D positioning functionality. It is ideally suited to use indoors, where conventional positioning technologies such as GPS are less effective. awiloc® determines positions with an accuracy of about one meter and requires no interconnected Wi-Fi infrastructure. All that is needed is a plugged-in Wi-Fi transmitter.