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Fraunhofer IIS's self-contained Positioning Technology for Cities and Buildings

awiloc® Public Transport

Convenient, Eco-Friendly Travel

In promoting mobility, it is crucial to take account of people's needs and preferences. No matter how efficient a given concept, system or vehicle may be – ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which means of transportation they want to use. For instance, a person who sets out on a journey by car will typically prefer to arrive at their destination in that vehicle; they will not be prepared to switch to another along the way unless transfers are made attractive and convenient to them. This includes allowing them to quickly find a good parking spot at a rail or subway station as well as the right train.

Pervasive personal navigation using awiloc® can facilitate the use of all transportation modes. Once all options are straightforward to use and combine, travel can become more efficient and flexible as well as safer and greener. Intermodal journey-planning incorporates all available means of private and public transportation, ranging from automobile to rail and subway.

Thanks to seamless personal navigation covering all modes of transportation, including rail and subway stations, travelers can easily locate a particular stop or platform and even the right train car and seat.

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