Secure GNSS receivers

Fraunhofer IIS – Your expert for Secure GNSS Receivers

Fraunhofer IIS develops test and reference systems that serve as the basis for designing reliable and secure receivers. The aim is to put together solutions that recognize and reduce interference caused for example by jamming or spoofing. In close consultation with customers, Fraunhofer IIS’s GNSS experts develop specific solutions for security-critical applications.

Core Skills in the Field of Secure GNSS Receiver

  • GNSS receivers for security-relevant applications
  • Galileo PRS
  • Authentication of measurements with GNSS
  • GNSS snapshot positioning
  • Disrupter detection and mitigation
  • Beamforming
  • Compressed sensing
  • Test of GNSS systems
  • Matlab simulation environment
  • GNSS reference receiver