CairGoLution - Transparency in the Airfreight Chain

CairGoLution – Continuous status monitoring of ULDs via s-net®

The continuous status monitoring of load carriers is a substantial requirement for a safe transport from shipper to recipient. Unit Load Devices (ULDs) being manipulated along the worldwide cargo logistics chains constitutes a risk. Hazardous substances or unauthorized unsealing violate shipment’s integrity. So far, there are no continuous technical solutions in use that improve civil and processual safety. The objective of »CairGoLution« is to realize a control system that recognizes integrity violations of ULDs and reports them to a central office.
The main challenge of realizing this objective is that – in contrast to solutions applied to road, rail or shipping transport - technologies in use may not continuously transmit data actively. In the main run of the logistics chain the ULD is usually located in the cargo area of the plane.


Automatic identification of permitted areas for radio communication

In this stage technologies for status monitoring need to work passively. Thus, it is about to realize a reliable solution for an autonomous, on-time power management of radio technologies. »CairGoLution« uses sensor data fusion as well as Fraunhofer’s s-net® sensor network technology in order to identify permitted areas for radio communication.


CairGoLution identifies integrity violations

An ULD monitoring subsystem based on the s-net® technology reliably identifies unauthorized access to the ULD by means of sensors, generates and transmits a real-time alert message to the person in charge of the shipment and competent authorities.



CairGoLution is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Eductation and Research. At this, it forms a part of the frame program "Research for Civil Security".