InWiPro - Digitalization of Production Processes

Process Step Recording of Small-Scale Ceramic Production by IoT Devices

SME's usual small-scale manual production processes consist of many spatially distributed process steps and place high demands on material flow control. In the INWIPRO project, the production progress is monitored in real time with the aid of smart objects, thereby a consistent production plan can be controlled flexibly and efficiently. The smart tags accompany the production parts through the entire, several-week production. Current location, environment and, above all, process status information are collected. This allows optimized production planning, which adapts processes to changed circumstances, such as machine breakdowns, and controls process steps through new interaction possibilities.


s-net® - wireless networking and localization of the accompanying goods carrier

For consistent localization and the recording of processing statuses, the goods accompanying carriers are equipped with the s-net® networking technology, forming a CPS that actively, continuously and wirelessly networks with the environment. Through the combination of networking and localization of the goods accompanying carriers, both position data and process knowledge can be transmitted, as well as the required low power consumption of the systems can be achieved.

The results of this approach can be applied and exploited in many industries whose production consists of many steps, job-related manufacturing or situational process control (e.g., tooling and engineering).

Research and development project »INWIPRO«

»INWIPRO« is funded under the R & D program »Electronic Systems« of the Free State of Bavaria. The planned duration is from 06/2017 to 12/2019. The research project involves the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and its working group for Supply Chain Services SCS, as well as Rauschert Heinersdorf-Pressig GmbH and Business Systemhaus AG.