Wireless Voice Communication

DECT Technical Solution

Digital transmission system operating in the 1.88 to 1.9 GHz  frequency band (in the United States, a reserved frequency band is available since 2004)
Time and frequency multiplexing involving 24 time slots and 10 frequencys
32 kbit/s gross data rate per time slot (24 kbit/s with secured data transmission); time slots can be combined for higher data rates
250 mW peak transmitting power with an average of 10 mW per time slot (125 mw peak transmitting power resp. 5 mW on average with DECT-ISM and DECT 6.0)
ADPCM-coded audio transmission


DECT offers a number of advantages over other wireless solutions:

  • Thanks to the reserved frequency band and deterministic access to the radio medium, mutual interference between DECT and other communications systems is reduced to a minimum
  • Deterministic access by means of time multiplexing enables you to monitor the reception quality and delay time
  • Thanks to dynamic channel selection, several systems can be operated in parallel with no need for frequency planning
  • Definable access rights and security mechanisms
  • The payload can be encrypted
  • No registration, no fees
  • Possible configurations range from a single system with closed usergroups to a public-access picocellular network