Technology for Extremely Power-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks


At a Glance

Fraunhofer IIS develops hardware and software for wireless sensor networks, and in doing so the institute lays the foundation for product development.

Protocol Kit

The s-net® protocol technology has a modular architecture and enables an energy-saving and secure multi-hop data communication in wireless sensor networks.

Reference Design

All hardware designed for wireless sensor networks by Fraunhofer IIS can be licensed for the customer‘s own product development.

Operating System

KOM-OS is a multi-tasking operating system, dimensioned for an efficient use of the internal memory in embedded systems and wireless sensor networks.

Radio Modules

The s-net® S7TAG radio module can be used for implementing a multitude of wireless communication systems.


In each new project we run through a requirement and design phase with our customers. In doing so we guarantee you exactly the solution you require.


s-net® evaluation kits enable you to test how well your application will perform using our wireless sensor network technology.