Technology for Extremely Power-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks


Fraunhofer IIS develops wireless sensor networks on s-net® basis for a wide range of measurement, monitoring and control applications. At the core of these systems is the Slotted MAC protocol stack, which is designed for low-power operation. Used in combination with adaptive, power-efficient sensor node hardware, it enables custom sensor network solutions. Following are a few project examples.


Smart City

The building management of the future: By using sensor networks, entire infrastructure areas such as energy, mobility, logistics and disposal get connected through a continuously information system.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the vision of an integrated networked, flexible, energy-efficient and scalable production.



In the logistics industry, delays, spoilage or loss of goods mean inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Avoiding these requires the ability to gather all necessary information in real time.



When a wireless sensor network is used to collect data over a large area, self-organization and multi-hop communication come into their own.



With health systems facing ever-mounting cost pressure, efficient allocation of resources is vital.


Public Safety

Responding to natural and industrial disasters involves being able to assess the specific situation, locate victims and identify hazards as quickly as possible.


Trade Shows

To help keep track of staff whereabouts at a trade show, each staff member is equipped with a wearable wireless node.