Services Relating to Automation

Sensor Systems in Automation


Optical Activity Detection of People

We have developed an energy-efficient and powerful system for activity detection using image sensor systems-on-chip. It allows to solve diverse challenging location detection tasks such as in building automation, electronic control or safety systems.

Wireless Automation Networks

Wireless solutions are used in industrial automation for instance to provide data links between mobile, remote or subsequently added components of a sensor network. They provide far more flexibility and in many cases also help to reduce costs. Wireless systems also permit additional sensors and actuators be connected to an existing automation network with the minimum of expense.

Self-learning Condition Monitoring

For a company to operate cost-efficiently, it is essential to optimize the availability of plant and machinery. This is where condition monitoring systems (CMS) can help. Predictive condition monitoring delivers reliable data enabling the early identification of wear in components such as motors, pumps and bearings. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS utilizes this approach for a smart, autonomous monitoring solution for machine components. This easy-to-use solution can be implemented rapidly and saves costs by reducing maintenance time and effort.