Expertise Relating to Automation

Technologies and Expertise for Sensor Systems in Automation

The institute’s design automation division EAS devises practical and viable solutions for a wide range of automation applications. The know-how of its experts is based on a wealth of knowledge in mathematics, feedback control systems and IT. This knowledge is complemented by specialized expertise in the design of complex mixed-signal systems, electronic design automation and modeling.

As a result we can apply the following specialized know-how and technologies:

Condition Monitoring

  • Design and validation of smart condition monitoring techniques including signal processing, feature extraction and classification
  • Automatic classification methods (self-learning strategies)
  • Model-based methods of physical phenomenology and virtual sensing
  • Mathematical methods for condition monitoring and predictive wear modeling
  • Test and analysis station

Robust Communications

  • Concepts for robust communication within an automation system
  • Model-based coexistence studies and interference analysis of wireless networks in automation environments
  • Application-specific protocols for wireless data transmission in harsh, interference-prone environments
  • Prototype development
  • Measurement services to assess the required transmission parameters for wireless communication in a given environment