Technologies in the Field of Status and Object Classification

Tracking of Tools and People

With industries constantly increasing the degree of automation in their production systems, the demands placed on the corresponding mechanisms for controlling and monitoring work flows are growing as well. A major challenge here is how to integrate workers and tools into these processes. One solution involves new software that helps track tool movements and positions during production, an approach that requires low-cost sensors mounted on or in the housing depending on the size of the object. The tracking data is forwarded via Bluetooth wireless technology to a central location within the company where the information is then compared to predefined parameters. If the data does not match, this information can be displayed on a central monitor or the equipment itself.

By combining real-time position and state classification data, researchers were able to develop an innovative algorithm that can be deployed specifically for logistics applications. The tool tracking functions without having to set up a separate infrastructure and is particularly immune to interference from other sources. Apart from monitoring, the tool tracking software is also suitable for geofencing services, as well as for quality assurance applications, which involves the documentation of work flows.

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