Completed Projects

Completed Projects: Quality Control and Inspection Applications



POLKA is a special camera that recognizes and measures polarization, a property of light imperceptible to the human eye. This camera features a low-maintenance, robust design and special low-cost sensors, making it the right choice for industrial applications. The hardware and software can be modified and expanded to meet the needs of specific customer applications.


Multi-Camera System for Industry 4.0

With the multi-camera system you can quickly solve a variety of in-line measuring tasks and even save costs.

Completed Projects: Camera Systems



HIGGS makes it possible to quickly and easily publish new and exciting live video material through the use of up to five intelligent cameras controlled by a user-friendly app.


Flight Test Camera

Potential application areas of the modular camera system:

  • Flight testing
  • Aviation
  • Machine and equipment testing

Completed Projects: Image and Signal Processing



Innovation on Demand


Digital Camera Platform for Medical Solutions

In cooperation with Richard Wolf GmbH we developed a multifunctional and flexible camera platform for diversified endoscopic applications. The camera system Endocam® Logic HD, which bases on this platform, can be purchased in two different versions.