Developing highly complex multi-camera systems for industry, transportation, and environmental technology

Our comprehensive service portfolio for developing complete multi-camera systems

At Fraunhofer IIS, we offer highly specialized multi-camera systems with high spatial resolution, data quality, and computing power for a wide range of applications. The systems are designed and implemented in direct consultation with you to ensure you get the best possible cost-benefit factor.

  • Customer-specific problem analysis and system specification
  • Prototyping and optimization through to small batch production
  • Design and development of special customized solutions
  • Commissioning of multimodal multi-camera systems
  • Consultancy

Customized system design that is perfectly tailored to your needs

Multi-camera systems – control
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In collaboration with a customer, we enhanced a system that was to be mounted on a helicopter by optimizing the following parameters:

Multimodal design

  • A wide selection of suitable camera systems (infrared, VIS, UV, etc.)
  • Low-priced standard components
  • Modular, flexible design, set up according to customer requirements
  • Simple, user-friendly control

High-resolution image processing

  • High frame rate
  • Large operational range (measurement from a large distance, up to an angle of view of 60°)
  • Inspection of moving objects
  • Image location (spatial and temporal)


  • Low power consumption due to the compact, lightweight construction
  • Optimized for different platforms (mobile, stationary)
  • Protected against vibrations and the cold

Potential fields of application for multi-camera systems

Inspection of large-scale facilities (industrial sites, power plants, wind turbines, and telecommunications systems)

  • In particular, maintenance and problem diagnosis in hazardous areas (e.g. cooling towers, elevated flares, rotor blades, etc.)
  • Detecting assembly errors

Infrastructure (rail transport, road construction, bridge and road inspection)

  • Mapping, accurate road surveying and reconstruction
  • Inspecting damage on bridges, roads, and tunnels
  • Testing overhead railway lines including track geometry, rail profile, and contact wire measurement

Environmental protection, agriculture, and forestry

  • Waste identification and separation (particularly on beaches)
  • Agricultural assistance: ensuring the environmentally sound application of fertilizer, pesticides, and beneficial insects
  • Erosion control (measurement and construction of dam walls)
  • International nature conservation (anti-poaching)


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