DigImmune - Coexpression analysis in bright field using serial sections

DigImmune – Coexpression analysis in bright field using serial sections

Goal: histological image analysis – comparison iSTIX vs whole-slide-scanner

Partners: joint effort with the Definiens AG, Institute of Pathology of the University Hospital Erlangen, Institute of Pathology of Bayreuth Hospital

Current Status:

  • Creation of a comprehensive annotated database: data from various clinical centers, different scanners and staining methods (H&E plus 9x immunohistochemistry), both of resections and of biopsies
  • Quantification of IHC samples and analysis of correlations between IHC biomarkers and between patients

Database: completed

  • A total of 1000 slides (100 cases with 10 stains each) from Bayreuth and Erlangen digitized with 3DHISTECH scanners
  • Additional overview scan (50x) of the H&E staining of all cases manually scanned with iSTIX
  • Additionally, tumor region selected by the pathologist in H&E staining with iSTIX in high resolution (200x) manually scanned


  • Scan whole-slides with Scanners
  • Scan tumor regions with iSTIX
  • Image analysis of whole-slides created with iSTIX vs. scanner


"DigImmune (Digitale Diagnostik für die Immuntherapie von Krebspatienten)"

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