Computer Assisted Microscopy for Hematology

The Challenge

Anyone responsible for analyzing blood counts day after day must be able to relay on his or her equipment one hundred percent of the time. In a discipline such as hematology, safety is clearly top priority. Errors must be avoided without fail since they could have fatal consequences. Therefore, staff in clinical laboratories need optimal work support – they need a fully-automated microscope system: “HemaCAM®“.

Our Solution: HemaCAM®

The white blood differential is an important factor in hematology. “HemaCAM®“ allows the automated analysis of blood samples and supports classification of cells. “HemaCAM®“ reduces time and effort, increases diagnostic quality and supports the fast and objective generation of a white blood differential, also in the case of pathologic samples.

Advantages in Analysis

  • Quick and reliable counting of blood smears
  • Microscopic live view of cells
  • Annotate and mark cells
  • Digital storage of all relevant data
  • Future-proof modular system

Advantages at Work

  • Support for the standardization and quality assurance process in clinical hematology
  • Safe diagnosis support based on objective and reproducible classification proposals
  • Cell counts and classification proposals are saved in a database and can be reproduced and called up at any time
  • Short adaption cycles based on intuitive user interfaces
  • Also ideal for purposes of continuing education

Presentation “HemaCAM® – Computer Assisted Microscopy for Hematology“

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