360° Consumer Feedback

Analysis of psycho-physiological consumer reactions

Unconscious consumer reactions – The challenge

It is known that certain odors, like other sensory stimuli, trigger emotions and other reactions in humans.
This has an high impact on how we perceive products and make buying decisions.



  • Consumer research often relies on conscious statements – not on analysis of unconscious reactions of the human physiology.
  • Clients want to know which odor is the best for a certain brand – determined by unconscious reactions.
  • The physiological proof for the effect of sensory stimuli is often lacking.


The unconscious consumer reactions can be investigated with a subject-based study:
Combining the interpretation of various derived bio-signal data as well as standard questionnaires.


We provide a comprehensive subject-based study with focus on the client’s individual aim and requirements


Study Setup

Data Acquisition

Data Processing

Project Management

  • Opening Workshop to determine clients requirements
  • Composition of the exact measurement protocols and questionnaires
  • Definition of metrics and thresholds specific to the requirements of the client
  • Clearance of general ethical conditions
  • Generation of experimental setup
  • Synchronization protocols for multimodal data acquisition
  • Conduct a study where test subjects are exposed to the stimuli
  • Assess bio-signal, emotional data from the subjects as well as questionnaires to investigate reactions to the smells with respect to the clients problems
  • Synchronization of generated data with automated algorithms to prepare the data for analysis
  • AI based multimodal analysis of the generated data with respect to costumers specifications
  • Preparation of a final report document with a fully interpreted set of scientific data
  • Closing workshop for clients open questions



  • The individual requirements of the clients define the kind of acquired data, the subject peer group as well as the data analysis.
  • We can provide various modalities: HR, HRV using ECG, EDA, breathing, muscle activity with EMG, camera based analysis of facial expressions, questionnaire.
  • We have a strong network of scientific partners to provide further modalities.

Your advantages at a glance

  • We choose the modalities in close cooperation with our clients & develop an individual study setup.
  • Full transparency – no black box:
    The client will receive all data as well as a scientific interpretation.
  • We are an independent research institute with flexible network structures and in-house capacities.


360° Consumer Feedback – Modalities
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Applications and offers


  • Subject based research studies
  • Licensing of facial expression analysis solutions
  • Technical developments in affective computing
  • Development of market-ready solutions for objective measurement of human reactions to scents and other stimuli
  • Determination of the most fitting perfume
  • Confirmation of product claims
  • Evaluation of user experience



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