Integrated Vital Sensors

Wearable technology is booming and more and more portable electronics are being used in the fields of medicine, automotive or worker safety to ensure (patient) monitoring in everyday life.

But despite the large number of wearables, many requirements cannot be met. Certain applications assume a specific sensor or data of high quality that are not commercially available.

To ensure this, we offer individual development services for wearables that are tailored to the requirements of our customers and their application areas. Our solutions deliver reliable medical data even under difficult conditions, such as movement.


AI-based Biosignal Analysis

In order for data to be usable, it must be evaluated intelligently and adapted to the target group.


Integrated Vital Sensors

Adaptation and integration of sensor systems for specific target groups and application scenarios


Are you already using commercial wearables and want to evaluate the signal quality?
As an independent institute, we offer you smart test solutions for the parameters measured by wearables or apps and compare them with the given gold standards.

Our Technologies and Projects


Motion Sensing Technology in Seating and Lying Surfaces



Medical grade ECG for cardiology



Heart rate and breathing for sports & lifestyle



Development of a socio-technical system solution for an age-appropriate home environment that supports a healthy and independent life (e.g. determination of the ECG, oxygen saturation and creation of movement profiles).


Project »ERIK«

Robots as physical interaction partners and development tools


Affective Sensing

Networked Sensors to Improve Quality of Life and Healthcare

More Information


Development – Integration – Analysis.

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