Point-of-care-devices and software validation

Software validaton and POC-devices from a single source


Validation of Wearables

As an independent institute, we offer smart testing solutions for the parameters measured by wearables and apps, and compare them with the appropriate gold standards.


Point-of-care devices for fast diagnosis

We develop medical devices for in-vitro diagnostics, e.g for the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure

Promoting Communication and Cooperation in Health and Social Services

Interoperability and Standardization

The aim is to create international standards for the electronic exchange of medical, administrative and financial data between healthcare information systems. The standards are defined by the international organization of the same name. We are represented in numerous standardization committees and are actively involved in the current standardization processes.


Engineering. Imaging. Sensors. Analysis.

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Development partner for personalized medical engineering

Research and development services from a single source