Medical Data Communication and Sensor Systems

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Due to the many different topics, the business fileld “Medical Data Communication and Sensor Systems“ is able to provide a very broad range of application possibilities.

Possible applications are:

  • Smart sensors for patient monitoring and daily living applications
  • Discrete sensor solutions with high data quality
  • Medical data communication solutions and testing services
  • Robust biosignal processing algorithms
  • Motion analysis and event detection

We pay special attention to high robustness and suitability for daily use. In addition to that, the development is driven from the point of view of admission and certification. The relevant documents are provided as well.

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Medical Sensor Systems

Our technologies are used in patient monitoring, rehabilitation support, performance analysis in professional sports as well as training support in sports and leisure. Sensor integration into textiles, vehicles or the home environment complete our competence spectrum.


Medical Communication and Biosignal Processing

We develop and implement standardized communication protocolls and algorithms for biosignal processing and movement analysis.

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Engineering. Imaging. Sensors. Analysis.

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