ASIC and IC Design Services

Our scope of services in the field of „ASIC and IC Design” comprises:

  • Technology and manufacturer independent support of the customer during system development for the  derivation of an integrable ASIC specification,
  • Cost and feasibility estimates for an ASIC development,
  • Support of the customer regarding the choice of a suitable production technology,
  • Design process, also considering safety-relevant aspects  or  the suitability for a certification according to special standards (e.g. IEC61508, Do254),
  • Realization of the development from specification to layout considering aspects of reliability and yield,
  • Interface to semiconductor manufacturers for prototype as well as series production,
  • Transition to series production and monitoring of the production launch regarding the optimization of yield.

The use of application- or customer-specific circuits (ASICs) in products is often an essential differentiating factor for these products. ASICs offer a number of advantages:

  • Miniaturization resp. reduction of the form factor
  • Reduction of the power consumption
  • Increase of the functional density resp. of the processing performance
  • Frequently cost reduction in series production
  • Copy protection / protection of IP
  • (limited) protection against discontinuation of products