Wireline Communication Circuits

Industrial, building and automotive applications often rely on extremely large volumes of data. In this research area we focus on the development of concepts, ASICs and IPs for optical and wireline data transmission at rates of 1 to 25 Gbit/s over distances ranging from a few meters to several hundred meters.

For wireless transmission technology, we concentrate on the development of transceiver IPs and ASICs for data transmission over single twisted pair circuits. We developed analog physical layer IPs for the Inova Semiconductor »Automotive Pixel Link« (APIX®). For the transmission of control data for automotive display applications, APIX1® runs at 1 Gbit/s and APIX2® at 3 Gbit/s over a twisted pair with a range of approximately 10 meters. The most challenging aspects of this development project are the small diameter of the cable, the need for a simple but robust connector for bi-directional two-wire data transmission and ensuring compliance with strict EMC requirements. Conventional solutions, such as those based on the 10-gigabit Ethernet standard, are not suitable for such applications. Here you will find additional information about 10+Gbit/s data transmission via copper wire.  

In particular, high-resolution cameras and displays are continually pushing data rates higher - and not only in the vehicle. Fraunhofer IIS is taking on these challenges as well. We developed high-speed ICs and concepts for fast optical and wireline transmissions with high data rates, low power loss and low costs.

In the field of optical data transmission we are also involved in the use of multimode fiber such as polymer optical fiber (POF).

Our services include:

  • System engineering of data transmission links,
  • Help with the definition of specifications,
  • Mixed-signal integration in nm-CMOS technologies,
  • Tests to verify the performance of the implemented circuits

Reference projects:

  • Development of an APIX2® device for Inova Semiconductors based on 180-nm technology
  • Development of an APIX2® IP based on 65-nm technology for implementation in Fujitsu graphics controllers
  • 10+Gbit/s data transmission over twisted pair cables
  • APIX® projects for Inova Semiconductors




Wireline and Optical Communications