RFIC Development

As one of the leading IC design facilities in Europe, we are developing integrated RF circuits (RFICs) operating in the frequency range up to 30 GHz. These circuits are fabricated in cooperation with commercial semiconductor vendors, using the latest silicon and GaAs technologies. As an independent design house, we are free to choose the most suitable technology for each application from a technical and economic viewpoint. In addition, we provide a firm background in complex turnkey solutions ready for commercial production.

Our research and development work is currently focusing on the following areas:

High-Performance ASICs

Professional, industrial applications frequently require custom solutions that cannot be realized with commercially available integrated circuits. To address such issues, we focus on the development of integrated, high-performance solutions, custom-tailored to the problem at hand. Exemplary is the development of a broadband IQ modulator in cooperation with Rohde & Schwarz, implemented in their portfolio of vector signal generators.

Ultra-Low Power Wireless Technology RFicient®

Our ultra-low power receiver technology RFicient® continuously monitors a radio channel for activity and generates a digital control signal after receiving a specific wake-up pattern, all while boasting a very low power consumption in the order of microwatts and reaction times in the range of milliseconds. This innovative technology operates, among others, in the ISM radio bands and therefore represents a key technology for the Internet of Things.