On the one hand, our work in the area of 3D algorithms relates to methods of camera calibration for 3D film content and on the other hand we are engaged in the 3D reconstruction of objects.


Automated Stereo Production

Producing high-quality 3D content for the film and television market demands a perfectly calibrated multi-camera system, which usually comprises at least two cameras mounted on a stereo rig. Here we present an application example of our research work.

3D Reconstruction

3D models of objects are prevalent in many applications today, whether it's computer games, special effects, virtual worlds or medicine. The issue is that creating models of real objects is an extremely time-intensive process that is often costly as well.

With this in mind, one of our missions is developing alternative scenarios. Provided multiple views of an object or scene are available, our solutions make it possible to three-dimensionally reconstruct the objects. This could involve processes or algorithms for automatically determining depth information, creating 3D point clouds or reconstructing the surface from the point clouds.