SHORE® – Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition Engine

Visual perception allows people to find and classify objects in images within fractions of a second, particularly faces. One focus of our research activities is the development of processes for automatically detecting and analyzing objects. Our SHORE® software solution enables quick and robust facial recognition in images and videos, as well as gender, age and mimic analysis.


SHORE® Drive

The SHORE© Drive simulator analyzes driver behavior at the wheel in real time and provides information on their emotional state (e.g. stress, fatigue). It works by fusing data from the integrated facial analysis software, physiological signals measured by wearables, and data from the vehicle itself. Using SHORE© Drive can significantly improve safety on the roads.


AVARD – Anonymous Video Analytics for Retail and Digital Signage

Fraunhofer IIS developed the world‘s first integrated solution incorporated in a compact intelligent sensor, which completely eliminates the need to transmit the image data to a dedicated computer for analysis.


Camera Calibration and 3D Algorithms

Real camera systems deviate from the ideal camera model because of optical and other influences.We address these issues by developing automatic calibration processes and working to integrate them into compact camera systems. In the field of 3D algorithms, we are involved in the de- velopment of time- and cost-saving multiview calibration solutions.