Check My Chart

Check My Chart – Lightweight, Robust and Real-time Color Chart Tracking

Check My Chart, developed by Fraunhofer IIS, is an algorithm to detect and track color calibration charts in images and videos fast and robustly. It can be used for colorimetric calibration directly in the camera during image acquisition and thus can replace or simplify post-processing steps.


The method works very fast and is extremely robust with respect to all kinds of distortions. It can be used with every object that exhibits uniform regions. The information of the found color patches can be used to perform, e.g., color calibration, white balancing and gain adjustments, e.g. for

  • In-Camera color calibration
  • Generation of meta data during recording
  • Reproducible conditions for color grading applications – “Color Style Apps”


Check My Chart is available for Linux and Android. We would be glad to provide you a customized solution for your target platform and operating system. For further information, please contact us.